Wow, did it really take this fucking long for us to incorporate an "All Day" lyric into the headline of a story? I'm almost positive we've already done so in the body and such, but not in the headline. This is especially egregious since that's most likely all you guys even read. I guess there really is a first time for everything. Anyhow, Folk's F/W 15 collection is prime late year gear, so you should be on the lookout even though it's just about to hit 90 degrees. Do you have certain brands that you kinda only pay attention to for F/W? Pretty much, like, every brand ever, right? I think of Folk as very F/W-based mostly because its British and I'm convinced that only fall and winter exist there, which might be the reason why Folk churns out such good knits and outerwear. For real though, the sun only shines around 70 days a year according to this very advanced website I consulted. Nothing overly fussy here, just some simple, straightforward and sharp clothing that veers toward about as tailored as Four Pins gets, the side-tab pants in slide 8 being the pinnacle of everything I personally hold dear. I'm trying wear side-tab pants more often as fluctuating waist lines are only cool when your clothing as the ability to cope along with you.

[Photos via Complex]