Sneakers have been a large part of high-fashion for a minute now, and we are seeing luxury footwear options pop up all over the place. The latest is a sleek offering from the new brand Woollier. 

Woollier offers up its low top Cambrian in either burgundy or black in its latest range, dubbed the S/D, or Simplistic Distinction, Collection. The Cambrian, originally a high-top sneaker influenced by the shoes boxers wear in the ring, is the Woollier's foundation. The low top variation plays off the same energy, using this model as a tribute to the parties in Vegas that happen after the fight. The sneakers are handmade in Italy and the tongue comes embossed with gold numbering to represent each shoe's respective order.

There are only 350 pairs available, so head over to Wollier's website to cop now.