Not being able to book a hotel room when you're visiting a new city is high on the list of ways that hookups can be derailed. It's hard to convince someone that your friend's couch or that Supreme sleeping bag is big enough for two. To make the process of getting a room for the night a lot easier, The Standard recently launched its new "One Night Standard" app.

The app (available now via the App Store and Google Play) allows guests to book a room at The Standard locations in New York, Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, and Miami Beach with only a few taps. The reservations open up around 3 p.m. daily, and according to, you can grab a room for the special rate of $99 from now until May 3.

The introduction to the One Night Standard app lists other scenarios that would call for a last minute reservation, like canceled flights or being too drunk to make it home, but needing a place to bone is probably more likely.