Few photographers capture the seductive restlessness of the nighttime like Keffer does. His "The Night Day" project—"A story about the other side"—has captivated us for years, as he uncovers Paris nightlife in black and white images. For his latest series, "The Night Day 4," Keffer gathered images of wild, unmissable parties from 2012 - 2014, some that include recognizable faces (A$AP Rocky, Brodinski, Phoenix, and more). Enjoy the photos above and learn about them in Keffer's words, below.

Is this the end of "The Night Day"?
It's not really the final point. I guess "The Night Day" will never end. It's now, for me, a lifetime project, something I can do everywhere and anytime. My little camera is my companion, by my side. The night is eternal, she does the rest. I have so many pictures. Thenightday.com is a huge archive of my adventures. Since I started the project in 2008, every 2 or 3 years I do a sort of "best of the best" series.

What did you learn from these parties in Paris from 2012 - 2014?
I've learned so many crazy things from the people, the stories, and the music. I saw the rebirth and the expansion of the Paris nightlife, too. We are still one of the best cities in the world at night, even with critics and a shitty government putting down places one by one. That time is now over, and it feels really good to have captured that.

Was it a moment?
It was something you could never live twice.

What's next for you? 
Exploring and traveling. I just shot Diplo and his group, Major Lazer, for a epic night ride in Paris last Friday. I'm still working around music, with artists, labels, and even big luxury brands now. I'm producing some music on my own, too, and just keeping the fun alive.

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