New York City is nigh unto impossible to summarize. On the macro scale, it is big, but it is also amazingly intimate at the neighborhood level. It can be hectic, loud, and intimidating, but NYC also contains a multitude of oases where the racket just seems to fade away. New York’s complexities have always attracted similarly multi-dimensional people, and style guru Jey Perie is no exception. He is the creative director of Kinfolk, a popular cafe and shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is itself a mash-up of different products and tastes. Jey’s goal, in work and beyond, is to bring disparate elements together in a way that makes them all sing.

When we first met up with Jey, he was sporting a denim vest fashioned from an old Levi’s trucker jacket. Sleeveless and bedecked with a large king-of-spades on the back, the vest was a perfect example of Jey’s ability to seamlessly blend the classic with the edgy. Jey’s list of places to visit in NYC is equally eclectic and ranges from the historic to the brand new. Whether you’re on a date in Williamsburg and want to look like a regular, or you’re catching a live jazz set at a Japanese bar in TriBeCa, Jey’s New York picks are an insider’s take on the city with eight million identities.

Interview by Clay Bassford (@ClayBass4D)
Photography by Dorothy Hong (@dorothypunk)