I've had a minor shift in clothing philosophy of late, moving away from the likes of atypical designer or limited sneakers to pants. Yeah, pants. It's a weird transition, I agree. I mean, fucking pants? What's the deal with pants anyway *Seinfeld voice*? They cover your legs and, after that fact is considered, there's not much else to discuss. There are a few subgenres: trousers, jeans, chinos, sweats and track pants. That pretty much covers all the bases, but recently, pants have become one of my favorite things to not only lust after, but actually purchase. And this pair of Sacai pinstriped trousers are the current foe opposing my resolute self-control. The major concern with wearing "trousers" on the daily is the feeling that you might look too formal, but these really don't fall into that. They're cropped high above designer sneakers and don't belong with a suit or anything higher than your current social status of "garbage." That stripe down the side doesn't really look like it should be on a tuxedo and the glorious combination of light grey and blue is an unexpected twist. $400? CHILD'S PLAY. You aren't a man until you buy a pair of pants more expensive than your best suit. These are, to put it simply, a very sensible pair of pants.