Sometimes I feel like my personal aesthetic is finally aligning with designers and buyers. But then I think that it's just because the Four Pins overlords let me generally pick out whatever the fuck I want for these hits and so I'm just cherry picking stuff I like and ignoring the shit that really isn't my speed. Anyways, I'm pretty sure someone on the N.Hoolywood team has noticed my near constant social faux pas at their runway shows and was like, "You know, we should make a kangaroo pocket pullover in a weird fabric because I feel like that guy that we never invite, but somehow gets into all our shows would love it." DEAR N.HOOLYWOOD, I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE THIS PULLOVER AND I PROMISE NEXT SEASON I'LL JUST QUIETLY STAND IN THE BACK AND JUST BE HAPPY I'M ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING.

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