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We understand guys have questions about what to wear (and how to wear) their favorite pieces.  Stick with us all this week to get advice on how to look good, stay fresh, and even score a date. This is Complex Style's "How To" Week.

Look at you, you've convinced someone to voluntarily spend time with you, and if things pan out, perhaps even consider sleeping with you. A solid evening out hinges on a lot of factors, a major one being first impressions. You know what helps make a great one? Showing up in an outfit that really exhibits your A-game.

You need to make sure all the details are on point—from your shave to your sneakers. If you can't take care of your clothes, how do you think that's going to look to someone who's meeting you for the first time? Not to worry, we've ironed out the things to try, and more importantly, the things to avoid when readying your kit for the night out. While we're sure to steer you in the right direction sartorially, we can't guarantee how your date will end—that's up to you. This is What to Wear on a First Date.