Since launching Hood By Air with a graphic tee design in 2006, Shayne Oliver has evolved into one of fashion’s most acclaimed figures. And although his aesthetic has led to countless derivative lines, his initial approach to high-end streetwear was like nothing we had seen before. The combination of ‘90s-inspired street references, gender-neutral elements, and bold logo placement resulted in a style that was simultaneously luxe and subversive. But how exactly did Oliver acquire this vision and taste? What inspired him to create these garments that often have people wondering, “Where did he come up with that?”

Well, in the latest issue of T magazine, the 27-year-old designer reveals his biggest inspirations—from growing up on the Virgin Islands and his NYC trouble-making crew to his appreciation for fine art and his love for Bob Marley.

Check out some of his inspiration points below, including photos from his childhood, a throwback Fubu puffer jacket, and an old bookmark he created when he was a kid, which features a purple suit similar to the one we saw in his Pitti Uomo collection.

To read the full piece on Oliver’s inspirations, head to T magazine’s website.

“Me with the Hood by Air crew, who are like family to me,” says Shayne Oliver. “When one of them has a good idea that we all believe in, we push the idea to the highest level.” Courtesy Johnny Misheff
"Me with my grandma. She’s the bomb. She taught me to sew and taught me a lot about refinement." Courtesy of Hood By Air
“One of our tees with the original logo from the 2013 pop-up shop in L.A. The intent of the brand has been changing since the beginning.” Courtesy of VFiles
“Ghostface Killah and Raekwon from the shoot for the album cover for ‘Bulletproof Wallets,’ released in 2001. There’s a lot of conceptual things happening, it’s very layered.” Michael Lavine, courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment
“Fubu’s silver puffer coat reminds me of the ’90s. This label, and era, was the first moment in my life where I felt a merger of high production value with something street.” Courtesy of FreakCity LA First Row
“Me in third grade in St. Croix. I always liked uniforms because they teach you that individuality is not just about dressing up.” Courtesy of Hood by Air
“My childhood doodle on a bookmark. There was a lavender suit in the Pitti collection, so full circle, I guess.” Courtesy of Hood by Air
“Bob Marley with his guitar. He had this vibe, a New Age classiness that never existed before he came along.” Courtesy of  David Burnett/Contact Press Images

[via T magazine]