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The word "Komakino" is a weird one. It was coined as a Joy Division song, right? Like, no one had ever used that word before then? Now, there are a bunch of things named after a Joy Division song that doesn't really have much of an actual definition. The most noteworthy of those things is Komakino the clothing brand, which is about as British as Joy Division. Moving on, this is Komakino's S/S 15 collection and it's pretty fucking raw. We already wrote about the tan bomber with dual sleeve pockets, so why not give the whole collection some shine? This is a weird Powerpuff Girls-like, sugar, spice and everything nice concoction of everything that is trendy and popular in men's fashion right now. I understand that sounds like it could be a bad thing. In most cases, it probably is. But Komakino has enough coolness and is under the radar enough to balance out any negativity that you're bringing to the table. I mean, a bomber with dual sleeve pockets is pretty good fucking start from a Four Pins perspective. Then there's that running "HIGH TECH LOW LIFE" motif that is the perfect encapsulation of both you, the reader, and us. Are we not all united in this here lifestyle?