A representative for Gisele Bündchen has confirmed that the supermodel is retiring from the runway. Rumors started surfacing on Monday that Bündchen was prepared to leave the catwalk. Apparently, we've wasted a lot of time since then hoping, wishing, and praying that the news weren't true.

"Gisele will focus on special projects and also spending more time on her number one priority: her family," said her sister and representative, Patricia Bündchen in a statement. If reports from Monday are correct, Bündchen will make her last appearance on the runway at next month's São Paulo Fashion Week in Brazil​ for the label Colcci​. Moda Estadão​ reported that it was Bündchen's dream to end her runway career in her native Brazil.

Bündchen is walking away from just a small slice of an extremely lucrative modeling career that nets her six figures daily. It's safe to say that the supermodel, who recently signed a $25 million contract with Under Armour and is married to football star Tom Brady, will make up for whatever she loses in runway appearances.

[via Business Insider]