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What's your closet situation look like? How many dry cleaner wire hangers do you have holding up your shirts? Do you even have a closet or are you forced to put everything in a dresser where they're hidden from nosy visitors, thus not flexing at all? You gotta have a few clothing items hanging on a rack or in your closet with the door slightly ajar so people can see them. And, most importantly, you gotta have hangers that aren't pieces of garbage from IKEA or your local dry cleaner. You're not in college anymore, fam. Or maybe you are, but in that case you still need to prove to other kids that you're better than them. The best way to do that? Buying egregiously expensive hangers. No, I'm not talking about wooden ones or even joints with molded shoulders. Sure, those are pretty nice, but we want something even more unnecessary, like these marble or carbon fiber hangers from Benjamin Edgar, who also has some other, less expensive things you may consider purchasing. It's highly likely that you would be hanging clothing items on these that cost less than the actual hangers. It's like putting an enormous engine in a Honda CR-X: COMPLETELY UN-FUCKING-NECESSARY, BUT SO GODDAMN AWESOME.