Have you ever wished that your adidas gear could give you shopping suggestions and access to exclusive content? Well, it looks like that will soon be a possibility. Yesterday during a panel at SXSW, Jon Werner, an innovation specialist at adidas said that the brand is working on stitching near filed communications (NFC) into its products. 

The new technology will track sneakers, apparel, and sports equipment to collect data and if the customer opts in they will have access to over a billion touchpointsThe user can then enable their smartphone to receive personalized messages based on their interactions. Shoppers will be able to use the NFC component before even making a purchase. Tapping the Superstar while in-store would give you additional information about the sneaker that could help with your decision and confirm its authenticity. 

adidas is also exploring other ways NFC can expand the user's experience beyond shopping. “Where we want to go with this is that imagine the product and its advertising campaign are tied to a concert. What if instead of having to queue up like everyone else you could walk straight through to the red carpet line because you’ve got the right shoes on? It’s cool things like that where we add additional value to the consumers purchase,” said Warner.

In 2013, adidas released the Boost running show that featured a chip with NFC capabilities, but now the company is working on how it can weave it into clothing. Potential products examples would include a football jersey that could give you team stats and inform you of others wearing the same shirt nearby. But first, the technology will be introduced through a limited run of Stan Smiths and Superstars.

[via The Drum]