It would be difficult to forget the role that film has played in not only spreading the MA-1 to the public, but for keeping it as a popular outerwear option today. Initially, the films of action star Steve McQueen, and specifically The Hunter in 1980, showed how badass bombers could be. A year later, Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones character ran from huge boulders and cracked his trademark whip in Raiders of the Lost Ark clad in a custom brown bomber inspired by the A-2.

Image via The Man and Glam

1986's incredibly popular Top Gun featured patched-out A-2 leather jackets on Tom Cruise's character, ensuring bombers were firmly planted in popular culture. Over time, films that have looked back at punk and skinhead culture, like cult film This is England, or American History X, show how the style was worn by those in the subcultures of the '80s and '90s.

There's been a major resurgence in the style lately, like Kanye West's confederate flag adorned “Yeezus” Alpha Industries bomber. He's even put his daughter North, in a miniature version of the jacket.

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