Supreme dropped its much anticipated S/S 15 lookbook today and it's filled with some pretty good stuff. As we've come to know, Supreme kind of just does whatever it wants and people will show up to cop the gear. While you can see it all styled up here, you can also take a look at the product shots for some of the details you can't make out. Most notably, the fact that there is an insane typo on a pink Jesus T-shirt and a "fuck you we do what we want" tee that pretty much sums up how Supreme goes about designing things. You can always count on them to mix a little old with a little new, like with the fucking baller satin varsity jackets that look just as at home in a roller rink in the '80s as they would right now. Per usual, the outerwear is where it's at though: a cropped fur jacket, Yankees leather varsity and plaid mac are all pretty solid choices. The collection will be available on February 19th at the New York, London and Los Angeles stores, the 21st in Japan and online on the 26th with a possibly updated webstore. So, if you want this right when it drops, you'll have to do the unthinkable: Head outside and go to the actual store.