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Mark McNairy, ever the interesting character, decided to do things a little bit differently for NYFW this time around. Instead of hosting a short runway show that starts, like, half an hour late, he took that shit and dropped it into a short film that everyone can enjoy. F/W 15 features your standard Mark McNairy fare; floral, camo, tie-dye, shoes done-up in classic McNairy colorways, a few Adidas collabs sprinkled in, snarky phrases printed at every possible opportunity and even a Jon Moy cameo at around the 2:30 mark. Okay, just kidding, but Brendon Babenzian, formerly of Supreme, and Nick Wooster drop by. For a guy who seems to hate everything, McNairy always seems to be having the most fun and the video here is no different as models continuously bust a move, breaking up the monotony that is just looking at clothes. This is kind of like the democratization of fashion. Even you could make some gear, film it and and distribute it to all the blogs. Seriously, think about it. It's a revolution and Mark McNairy, of all people, started it.