Casely Hayford pretty much deaded the long bomber game with this one, fam. Goodness, me this long shell bomber is fucking exquisite.  It meets all the requirements to be a great long bomber: it's long, it's a bomber and it has the important double zipper detail. There is no more important place to have a double zipper than on a long bomber. Think of how terrible it would be if you couldn't unzip this thing from the bottom? You'd look like you got stuck in a sleeping bag. While that's not an entirely bad look, we literally would not be writing about this if there were no double zipper. That's how important it is. Matching the double vibes, there's also double-layer pockets. Everything about this is doubly great it seems. If you're feeling saucy, it even has the exterior storm flap with snaps to let the bottom half billow in the wind. As part of Casely Hayford's S/S 15 collection, so you can expect it to pop up in a few other places soon, but Selfridges is the spot for now.