Damn, I almost never think of pants when I think of Arc'teryx Veilance, but then I saw these pants. Now, for the few moments it takes to write this post, I'll totally associate Arc'teryx Veilance with dope, technical pants. These particular pants break right at your ankle, which is perfect if you recently copped a certain pair of gray suede Adidas with a zipper and instep strap. Or, whatever tier struggle sneakers you copped in frustration. Did you guys notice these are actually two-toned pants? Yeah, I didn't notice either until I had cut and pasted the JPEGS into a Word doc. Do you guys think these pants will make a weird swishy sound when you walk? Probably not because according to Haven, these are "anatomically" tailored. How about you spend the rest of the day figuring out what pants aren't at least moderately anatomically tailored.