You motherfuckers miss me? Sorry, I've been too busy hanging out with Yeezus at NYFW to file these here missives, but we'll get to all that when I drop my diary. Anyways, you guys gotta get a lightweight nylon jacket to wear underneath your more expensive, wool topcoats. That's a little tip from me to you. Stay tuned and you'll get even more gems like that one. FOR FREE. Assuming you're blind, this Ami jacket has "PREMIER BAISER" printed on the back. What does "PREMIER BAISER" mean? First Kiss. Everyone will ask you what it means, so you might as well know the translation. Your friends will definitely try and crack some, "Oh man, you gonna wear that when you finally get kissed?" Fuck them dudes. They don't know about all your sexual conquests because you're a gentlemen and keep your boob touching experiences to yourself.