At the annual gathering of the country's biggest nerds, CES, Panasonic showed off their new technology for mirrors that will point out all of your flaws. Okay, it doesn't just do that, but it feels like the most important element. It'll also have a projection of your face that will allow you to test out different hairstyles, facial hair, makeup or headgear. But back to that whole pointing out you being hella ugly thing, unlike, say, a different futuristic mirror that's gonna trick you into thinking you're actually skinny.

Panasonic's new joint will take a look at your mug, examine your bone structure, pores, wrinkles and anything else that shows up and recommend a skincare routine for you. Naturally, this is mostly aimed at women, but your face can probably use a little sprucing up, dawg, if we're being totally honest. Even better, or maybe worse, the mirror can track all of your flaws and see if your new routine is actually working or not. So, if you dropped a bunch of guap on the most recent Aesop face wash or Malin + Goetz balm, this mirror would be able to tell you if that's shit's worth your hard-earned money. But don't worry your busted lil dome just yet. Panasonic's self-esteem crushing mirror is still in the prototype phase. It's may still be a few years off, but expect the next generation of Williamsburg loft apartments to come fully-stocked.