NEEDS/WANTS is based in Toronto and since I woke up this morning to a light snowfall here in New York, I know what winter is all about in the Great White North. I can relate. I fucking get it. The first few months were really mild here. But not anymore, fam. January is when shit starts to get really real, so it makes sense that NEEDS/WANTS would drop its cold weather essentials when it actually starts to get frigid. This new gear has been teased for the past few weeks around the 'Gram and while it still isn't officially out yet, it should be available pretty soon. Take a look at what is set to be included: a couple heavyweight flannel shirts, likely in the signature "fishtail" design, a greyscale patchwork flannel overshirt and a fleecy coat that will provide a perfect middle layer of warmth on those blisteringly cold days. I'm not a huge fan of the typical Buffalo plaid pattern on flannels, but the red/black/white pattern here is pretty dope and a nice twist on the classic flannel look. Keep an eye out for when these actually drop because as with all of the NEEDS/WANTS gear, it'll fly off the metaphorical shelves pretty damn quick.