For the past 10-plus years, Mel D. Cole has been a fixture on the New York City hip-hop scene as a photographer who has documented some of the best artists and performances the game has to offer. His love affair with hip-hop started back in '80s, and turned into something more in 2002, when the self-taught lensman picked up a couple of disposable cameras to shoot a local Common show. That initial passion blossomed into a respectable career that has seen Cole brush shoulders with the likes of Diddy, Drake, GZA, and Erykah Badu, among others.

The man behind the camera has even become the unofficial “house photographer” for ?uestlove and the legendary Roots Crew, and has collaborated with big-name brands like Heineken, Nike, Puma, Etnies, and others on various projects. The folks over at Bevel recently caught up with Cole to discuss his favorite career moments, his style and grooming habits, and what the future holds for the renowned photographer. Find the full interview here.