I don't know how much stock you put in the return of a brand to the runway, but Marni's F/W 15 show was its first in five years. So, whether that means something or not is totally up to you. For me, the whole presentation vs. runway debate doesn't spark too much fire. See, the runway provides the theatrical element and lets you see the motion and drape of everything, while the presentation allows you to get up close and peep the details. Apples, meet oranges. Exactly. So, yeah, whatever. The whole point here is that Marni is fire and this collection, even with as much off-putting fur as it has, is pretty fucking dope. Materials are furry and fluffy with alpaca, sheep and goat wools, and then there are the suede, zippered tunics in rich colors. Sure, the colorful checkered fur might be a bit much for you, and, like, a lot of other people, but there's other stuff going on that you can focus on, like the high-tier standard outerwear, collarless coats and the sheer variety of knits. All in all, it's stately and widespread, rather than laser-focused on a trend like shearling, which has already received its fair share of shine this season and were not even at Milan or Paris yet. If nothing else, at least you know where to go if you want to try fur out this fall. If that's the case, daps on being filthy rich, bro.