Japanese brands have a knack for paying homage to other cultures with ease. While Neighborhood is best known for its trademark approach to Americana-inspired designs injected with elements of motorcycle style, its sub-label Luker is more focused on the irreverence of British subcultures, past and present. The brand just released its Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook, which features a blend of traditional outfit shots mixed with lo-fi video stills.

Started in 2009, Luker was founded to expand on the military and workwear composition that made Neighborhood a household name, but also give the brand increased flexibility in producing more refined silhouettes and shapes.

Notable pieces from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection include a satin quilted varsity jacket, a large statement hat, and a sweatshirt that features silent film-era cartoon character Felix the Cat. Check out this season’s lookbook here and watch for the entire Luker by Neighborhood Spring/Summer 2015 collection to hit retailers soon.

[via Highsnobiety]