While growing up in Japan, Daiki Suzuki fell in love with American military garb and classic sportswear, and that passion is apparent in everything his NYC-based Engineered Garments brand stands for. The label embodies a successful mix of the bygone aesthetics of technical garment design from a time when your gear was built to last a lifetime.

The Real McCoy's is like Engineered Garments—if it insisted on recreating archival pieces instead of “engineering” it with a modern twist. Cruising through a collection from this Japanese brand is like going into your grandparent's attic and finding all the clothes that he wore bac, in the day, perfectly preserved and perfectly in your size. Everything from the details to the construction is replicated, as close as possible, to the garment's original specs. If you're a dude with a diehard commitment to quality and timeless clothing, both EG and The Real McCoy's need to be in your closet.