It's our goal to make the Forbes 30 Under 30 list someday. While Moy is too fucking old—he can aim for 2015's 40 Under 40—Lawrence and I still have a couple years of eligibility left. But, looking at this year's list, we seem to be left of once again. Wow, what a fucking brick. What's it gonna take? Do we have to revolutionize fashion coverage? Or can we just keep making dank memes on Twitter? What are the guidelines to this shit?

But in all seriousness, not to take anything away from this year's list, which, again, does not include us, as I mentioned, there are some familiar faces set to take the world by storm. From the music crowd, add the names of Big Sean, Iggy Azalea, A$AP Rocky and noted "Fashion Bros!" guest Mike Will Made It to fashion journo standouts like Amy Odell of Cosmo and Emily Weiss of Glossier/Into The Gloss. As far as designers are concerned, Hood By Air's Shayne Oliver made the cut, but, more importantly, in a show of our sheer influence, there's Four Pins certified fam, Kerby Jean-Raymond, getting recognized for both his line, Pyer Moss, and his wardrobe styling for Usher's tour.