For years, men have lived in fear that their swimmers aren't actually good at swimming and the cause could be their precious underwear. Rumors, myths and unofficial studies left us wondering. Other causes were pointed to: using laptops on our, well, laps, drinking too much Mountain Dew, cycling, gaining weight, high stress levels and storing our cell phones in our for pockets too long were all said to have an adverse effect on sperm production, but most of those don't have much real research supporting them. However, science has come out and proven that the original criminal, briefs, AKA tighty whities, are killing your sperm according to FiveThirtyEight.

Men in the 2012 study wore specially designed tight underwear for 14-16 hours a day for four months and provided sperm samples throughout the testing period. The result? Sperm count took a STEEP dive and so did sperm quality. It was not a pretty situation. Fortunately, recovery from such a dire situation took only a few months before the men were back to normal. The cause: tight underwear causes a man's nether regions to get closer to the body and thus heat up and damage sperm. So, by that same sentiment, hot tubs, saunas and even intensely hot weather can cause problems. Be careful, fam.

But this shouldn't be a problem for anyone, right? Are we not all wearing boxer briefs by now like grown ass men? Have we not figured out that they are the perfect balance of freedom and security? If so, hit up Target and cop a 12-pack of Fruit of The Loom and change your entire underwear rotation immediately.