These pizza tees, stickers and pins combine two of life's simplest pleasures: pizza, the food, and logo flips, which everybody loves despite claiming not to. The gear is a collaboration between OG SuFu personality/brand Day Waste and "an artist who would rather not be named." We out here with anonymous sources like Broussard and shit.

The gear references, obviously, the Palace logo, which is tight, because Palace itself is tight. But Palace is also kinda expensive and if you're wearing Palace people will be like, "Do you even skate, bro?" And you'll be like, "Yeah! Totally!" Then you'll remember you haven't skated in, like, six years because you're old and your knees creak and ache every time you step on a board and you finally just gave up and hung your deck on your wall like every other poser. But if you're wearing the pizza gear people will be like, "Oh, dope, Pala…pizza! I fucking love pizza, dude." Crisis averted.

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