In Framingham, Massachusetts yesterday, a man with an outstanding court fee attempted to use his brand new pair of sneakers he got for Christmas to post bail. Thirty-nine-year-old Jason Duval owed the court system $450 from a 2012 drug possession charge and was supposed to have the charges dropped after paying the fee. But, of course, he never did. After going through a lengthy divorce, Duval was left with no money to pay the debt, but didn't want to go to jail either. SO, WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO OTHER THAN OFFER UP YOUR SNEAKERS? And that's exactly what Duval did and the merciful judge accepted. Duval's $85 Nikes helped him make bail and if he pays back $100 to the court or does 10 hours of community service, he can get them back. No word on what the sneakers were, but I would truly love to find out. Probably Roshe Runs. I mean, just look at this fucking guy. I guess he didn't have any extra meth laying around for collateral. Divorce is a hell of a drug.