Last year, ripped denim, long, rare hemlines, side-zippers, and “Pharrell” hats made up the better part of the thriving trends that have already trickled into 2015 with ease. But we also caught glimpses of the future—that next level of style that wasn’t quite ready to catch fire but might have gotten a right-swipe. Now it’s time for some of these patterns, fabrics, details, and items to cause a scene.

But should we really “hope” for a trend to pop off? Even though it truly is satisfying to be considered a “trendsetter,” having something that you’ve personalized and made a part of your own comfortable style repertoire turn into something others adopt and beat like a dead horse—not so satisfying. But hindsight is 20/20, and since you do want others to relish sartorial decision-making that evolves with time, adoption of the best trends is inevitable, right? So let’s start 2015’s trend adoption off right.