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Do you understand how hard it is to be solely a dope pants brand? Like, I can't think of a single one off top. But seemingly out of the blue comes a new pants brand that is definitely dope as fuck. Absence makes cargo pants that are better than every other cargo pant you've ever seen. There are three styles here: regular cargos, diesel drop crotch, military joints and regular, drawstring chinos. Look at how perfectly styled these are too. People won't even point out that you're wearing cargo pants. "But why don't you just go to the military surplus store?" you're probably saying to yourself, thinking you're smarter than us. Well, at what fucking military surplus store are you going to find drop crotch cargo pants with long ass banger drawstrings? Riddle me that, genius. Granted, Absence works a little slower because this shit is well done and made in the USA out of Japanese fabrics and all that good stuff, so orders take some (3-4 weeks), but the brand looks to be shifting to wholesale early next year, which is good news for people like me who have no patience for waiting on that new new. They also guarantee satisfaction. Guarantees for fucking days, fam. I think it's safe to say Absence just killed the pants game.