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AYY FAMOTRON, IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. POP UP FLEA, BITCHES. I still haven't made it to the Pop Up Flea in NYC yet, but it always seems like a good time. I know for a fact you get free beer so right there the PUF is better than whatever plans you had. Unless you already had plans to get free beer. Then you might have a tough decision in front of you. Two roads diverge in a wood and what not.

I went to the Pop Up Flea when it was here in Detroit AND THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO RECOGNIZED ME WERE FROM NEW YORK. Michael Williams was like, "Hey guy, have a beer." And then I had to run away because Shinola was there and you already know they have a hit out on ya boy. I saw this hipster on a bike trying to ride up on me, but I'm not a fool, so I grabbed three more beers, a gratis pulled pork sammy and bounced back to my apartment to get high and tweet about the Pop Up Flea, which is exactly what you should do too. If you see anyone from Four Pins there, make sure you bring a printed out copy of your most fire content pitches. Skylar and Lawrence love talking to people they don't know trying to get jobs from them. TRUST ME.

Pop Up Flea NYC is going down December 12-14 at 125 W. 18th Street.