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Damn Ralph, you must have been hanging out with one of your old friends from your tie selling days when you designed this. He's probably the head of some super shady brokerage firm and you two were probably kicking back, doing mounds of cocaine off of gold bars. That's when he was like, "Ralph, you know what would be dope? A coke white terry cloth jacket." And you were probably like, "You know what Dickie, you might be on to something. After this, let's go to Kohl's and DM Tommy Hilfiger photos of all his shit that still isn't selling despite being 75% off." (Obviously, all rich dudes have friends named Dickie.) Then Dickie probably keeled over from a massive heart attack and Ralph just threw him off the boat into the Atlantic. At least that's how it happened in my head. Anyway, buy this Polo towel jacket from a store in England because that's how you fucking flex.