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Maybe it's because we're totally good friends with the guys at Carson Street or maybe it's because Patrik Ervell is a prophetic genius who makes amazing clothes, but we had to bring your attention to this Patrik Ervell pop-up going down. As always, apologies if you're not located in New York and live a terribly swagless life.

From this Friday through Monday (December 12-15), you can stop in at Carson Street and get even more Ervell than CSC usually has in stock and that's saying a lot because they usually have a metric fuckton of Ervell on deck. Not only will there be a ton of Ervell available, you'll also be able to mooch off their huge stock of complimentary beers in the fridge. There is truly nothing better than getting a little bit too drunk in a high-class retail environment. People like to talk about buying things on Amazon while hammered, and, sure, that's pretty fun, but it's way more lit surrounded by high-end garms. Cop a BAC slightly above the legal limit and swipe your credit card as if that fourth navy coat you just bought in two months really is nothing to you.