Gauhar Khan, an Indian actress and model, was assaulted during the taping of India's Raw Star, a singing competition, by a man who didn't think her dress was long enough.

Khan was presenting at the show when a man started heckling her from the crowd in-between tapings. Then an argument ensued between Gauhar and the man who was teasing her," BBC reports. The man was being escorted out of the venue when he freed himself from the bouncers, ran on stage, and slapped the actress in the face.

He told the police afterwards that he hit her because "being a Muslim woman, she should not have worn such a short dress."

There have been unfortunate reports of women being shamed for what they wear this year, and numerous schools have banned certain articles of clothing because of men's inability to control their urges. Unfortunately, this story only moves things in an even more terrible direction.

You can watch the full news report above. 

[via Cosmo]