School officials are banning yoga pants and leggings across the country because they're "distracting" male students, according to

It's true, the cozy attire has been causing a stir in places like Chicago, California, and Massachusetts. The schools' faculties have noticed that male students are inattentive when girls wear the skin-tight-clothing. Apparently, the female students have assembled, petitioned, and fought for their rights to wear the leggings, and in some cases they've reached agreements with the staff. recently published an article titled, "America's War on Yoga Pants," furthering the discussion on the painted-on-pants by listing several incidents that have drawn media attention. Just about every story points to teenage boys ogling their female classmates' backsides. The article goes on to say that instead of focusing on yoga pants and leggings as a distraction to boys, which "reinforces the 'boys will be boys' mentality," that is a slippery slope to the "she was asking for it" bullshit that pervades current society. 

The article stakes that young students need to be taught how to wear real clothes, and bashes the "pajamafication of America." Did just fire shots at cozy boys and girls of this great nation? This might mean war...if we can get off the couch.