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The idiot of the year award goes to a man who thought it'd be a good idea to punch a hole through a Claude Monet masterpiece.

While visiting the National Gallery of Ireland in 2012, 49-year-old Andrew Shannon attacked Monet's Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat, ramming his fist through the canvas and leaving a hole in the lower left corner. Just like that, an artwork worth nearly $10 million was destroyed.

After Shannon's arrest, he told authorities his attack was an attempt to "get back at the state." At his trial, however, Shannon claimed the incident was a mere accident, explaining that he had "felt faint" and had fallen into the work of art—a likely story.

Members of a jury found him guilty of intentionally wrecking the painting after watching security footage of what had happened. Judging from this still below, we'd say dude looks pretty guilty.

Just yesterday, a court finally sentenced the vandal to five years in prison. After his release, Shannon won't be allowed inside any galleries for 15 months. As for the damaged painting? The Impressionist work has since been restored and placed beneath a layer of protective glass.

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