Fashionista took the time to basically break down just how much the fashion industry used the Kardashian-West-Jenners this year. The clan remains the #1 tabloid fodder for the TMZ's and National Enquirers of the world, but the fashion industry is just as at fault for dangling them in front of our faces all year. So, just how and why did it happen?

With their combined social media clout—about 82 million combined followers on Instagram just for the sisters—anything posted there can spawn its own news stories. Remember when Kim cropped North out of an Instagram? Brands know that. So when any of them posts a gift there or a photo of them in the front row at Fashion Week, that obviously helps the designer as well. Why wouldn't you invite them? It isn't just Kimye either. Kendall has become a relatively big-name model and is the new face of Estee Lauder. North has been seen attending fashion shows even though she's A FUCKING BABY. Kylie has her own cult following on the internet while Kourtney and Khloe take over the Hamptons. Among the other fashion-related things this ragtag bunch of misfits did in 2014:

Kylie and Kendall had a PacSun line. Because everyone has a PacSun line. Right, Lindsay?

Kim and Kanye modeled for a Balmain campaign.

- Kim posed nude for Paper in an attempt to break the internet and now covers January's Elle UK issue. #INFLUENCE

Kim and Kanye were on the cover of Vogue and boosted sales of the issue more than 20% from the previous month.

The couple even inspired two women to dress just like them and gain valuable internet points.

- Kanye even got Ralph Lauren to comment on "IT AIN'T RALPH THO."

By all means, it was a banner year. They remained in the spotlight basically from year's beginning to year's end. And because fashion has evolved from being this unbelievably elitist society of rich people 50 years ago to simply putting big name celebrities in front of our faces because they have a lot of followers on social media, there is no group better for the industry to champion. Where the Kardashian-West-Jenner clan goes, buzz comes with. And fashion trades buzz like an actual currency at this point. I'm sure 2015 will only continue the trend.