Fire up the hot stove because the rumor mill is fucking lit, fam. We all know Kanye West: once in a generation musician, polarizing public figure, style icon, husband of Kim Kardashian and part-time fashion designer. Homie's most assuredly got his hands in a lot of different cookie jars. However, according to some good old fashioned rumor mongering, that part-time gig in fashion might go full-time very soon.

A couple of days ago, news circulated that Kanye could be dropping that whole rapping thing off his resume to go into fashion full-time. Page Six's Richard Johnson started it all, saying he spoke to a source that stated after Yeezy's reported collaboration with Paul McCartney is finished, he's going to "step away from music and focus and concentrate on clothing." UM, WHEN THE FUCK IS THE NEW ALBUM COMING OUT THEN?

The story also states that Kanye got a $15 million signing bonus when he jumped shipped from Nike to Adidas and the collabo has been pushed back so many times because he hasn't had the time to work on it. With his A.P.C. collaborations the past few seasons, his womenswear collection that he showed in 2011 and eventually shut down, the multiple sneakers with Nike and Louis Vuitton and, now, the Adidas work, he's obviously more all in on fashion than ever, so maybe, just maybe, the move kind of makes sense. I mean, I don't think it would be off-base to assume this is a guy who is equally, if not more, passionate about fashion than he is music.

The Guardian ruminates on Yeezus' potential career shift as well, bringing up the pros and cons: He's a terrible pop star, totally misunderstood and continually spouts off rants *white guy voice* that make more and more people hate him, but he's so far in now that he can't possibly stop, right? Meanwhile, his attitude might be more at home in the fashion world to begin with. You also cannot deny his influence on the fashion world at large. How many dudes are wearing light wash stacked jeans and suede Chelsea boots right now because of him?

Only time will tell if any of this is even remotely grounded in truth, but, at the very least, it gives us a glimpse into what life would be like without a CDQ version of "All Day" might be like. Oh right, we're still waiting on that too.