Artist and director Harmony Korine recently spoke with T Magazine about his upcoming exhibitions at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills and the Eden Rock Art Gallery in St. Barts. The St. Barts show is a self-titled exhibition presented by Gagosian that will open on Dec. 28 with a series of new works, while the Beverly Hills show will be called "Raiders" and will open on Jan. 10.

Korine is known mostly for his films, including Kids (1995) and more recently Spring Breakers (2012), but as the director tells T Magazine, he has been creating art, movies, and music "from the very, very beginning...I never differentiate or give one thing more importance than the other. They’re meant to work together."

Korine, who is currently working on a gangster film called The Trap starring Jamie Foxx for his "Florida trilogy," says that the state and the city of Miami in particular have influenced the art he makes. "It’s a strange mix of things...There’s a third-world element, a criminal element, palm trees, tourists, G-strings and Cubans; there’s a lot of mystery here." He adds, "Color has taken on a more important role in my life. There’s power in certain colors, and that’s probably why I’ve been focusing more on's become a language to me."

Click the link below to read more of the T Magazine article, and head to Gagosian's website to learn more about both of the upcoming exhibitions.

[via T Magazine]