Crocodile is the pattern that won't die. Which is fine with me. I'm down with it sticking around because I still haven't picked an item in my wardrobe to be the one required croc-embossed piece. These ETQ Amsterdam kicks can fill that void since they're relatively subtle. I like ETQ's sneakers because the soles are super fucking diesel. Low-profile sneakers don't fly when the weather forecast tells me there is a 66.6% chance of rain as I'm leaving for work. But with these you can stomp through puddles without worry because crocodiles actually live in the water. Crocs are definitely a reptile I can get down with. They seem pretty chill if you stay out of their way, unlike, say, snakes, which are fucking terrifying. These actually dropped today, so pick them up and stomp to your heart's content. Crodocile Dundee would be proud.