COS feels like Uniqlo's mature, refined older brother even though they have literally zero connection between them. This comparison would make more sense if I compared COS to H&M, since that's who they're actually owned by, but there's just this feel I'm talking about that is pretty difficult to describe. Anyhow, COS' S/S 15 collection is dope and extremely in touch with me as a person. It's all slim, upstanding and takes pretty good care of itself. I mean, it clearly needs to with all the lighter pops of colors in there. The outerwear is fucking choice too. The white raincoat, lightweight bombers and that long, coach-like jacket are all viable options for warmer temperatures. There's even shorts for all you adventurous types. Some geometric paneling (not too much) is thrown in for good measure as well, adding some dimension to the otherwise mostly monochromatic lineup of fits. Maybe this is the season we all finally buy something from them.