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Do you remember all the way back in your memory banks when a bunch of people on the web were freaking out about American Giant's hoodie that proclaimed itself to be the best of all time? Hell, even we joined in on the fun, marking down all of the problems that keep it from actually being the G.O.A.T. While the problems were numerous, the overall reception to the hoodie has been pretty solid. So solid in fact that American Giant is now making the sweatpants to match.

Listen, I require A LOT of attention to detail on my sweats: I like ankle zips, the cuff has to be tight and hefty, the leg should be slim to skinny and I need—NEED—a butt pocket for my wallet. I understand that to the outside world, sweats are the uniform of Sundays and never leaving the couch, but it's not like the slimmer sweats I wear out in public make lounging on the couch uncomfortable or anything. They're still incredible fucking cozy. For as much fanfare as American Giant's hoodies got, these sweats don't look all that appealing. Taper them shits and upgrade the shit outta that cuff while you're at it. See, hoodies can be worn in public by everyone, but sweatpants can't. They need the proper styling and shape. Ain't nobody dropping $70 on sweats you can't leave the house in. I spend $175 on mine and I'm still a little wary. But, then again, I'm a pretentious asshole, so there's that.