We wake up and we run through our morning routine. Whether it’s going for a run, eating breakfast, watching the news, taking a shower (hopefully), or whatever else it may be, we’ve made a habit of it. And for most of us, we tend to do the same thing for our work wardrobe, unfortunately. This approach especially effects those of us who work in a semi-formal, corporate environment, where we’re forced to wear some type of societal uniform to “look the part.” Dressing in such a way tends to have its limits, making it difficult to get creative without crossing the proverbial line in the sand. But style is style, right?

One should never feel confined by their job or the style influence it may have on others. Style is all about self-expression and exploration, even with a suit-and-tie combo. Some style hacks help keep your appearance clean and fresh, unlike Larry in the cube next to you. Some can easily help add your own touch that some may not notice. But those that do will recognize you are your own boss—at least in terms of style. So put your mark on your office attire with these 10 Style Hacks to Enhance Your Work Wardrobe.