Yesterday, a horde of Cool Teens™ met up in Union Square after the Cool Teen™ Illuminati triumvirate of Mike The Ruler, Asspizza and Luka Sabbat set out a social media APB over the digital airwaves. They told their followers to show up, shoot the shit and bring merch. I can only imagine the sheer amount of hormones and social awkwardness that encapsulated the scene. Thankfully, The Fader took it upon themselves to get in on the action and catch up with a few of the kids in attendance to talk streetwear and fashion.

Four Pins favorite and style icon in the making, Mike The Ruler showed up in a Supreme hoodie and a pair of Helmut Lang jeans that are as old as he is, while he dished on how everyone can be an icon if they set their mind to it. Luka Sabbat talked about organizing more meetups like this one before going to grab a slice for lunch. A couple of young, struggle models also showed up to support their friends and talk about their own struggle labels they're working on. Unfortunately, in what amounted to the biggest brick of the afternoon, The Fader didn't even talk to Asspizza, whose input we would have thoroughly enjoyed hearing because Asspizza is a fucking legend.

I don't know about you, but this type of shit didn't exist when I was 16. Social media has really fucking changed things, man *old, burned out stoner voice*. What I want to know is, do kids like this exist outside of New York? Does shit like this happen in Chicago or Miami or Los Angeles? Does each city have their own Mike the Rulers and Asspizzas? I mean, probably not because these kids are, clearly, one of a kind.