Texting your friends about a midnight taco run may have just gotten a whole lot easier, thanks to the Unicode Consortium and their new batch of emoji candidates for the upcoming Unicode 8.0 update. 

The UC accepted 37 new characters into the pool, which means that they still have to be considered and may not all be approved for the update. In addition to the taco emoji, there are other food characters, including a hot dog, burrito, and popcorn, which covers all the basic food groups. Other important candidates include a zipper-mouth face, a synagogue, and a "face with rolling eyes." The Unicode 8.0 update is scheduled for mid-2015, so we'll see which of the emojis make the cut.

Add this to the news that there will be a more diverse selection of skin tones to choose from, and we couldn't be happier with the future of texting.

[via Paper]

UPDATE: Screenshots below via Mashable:

Most requested emojis: Bottle with popping cork, burrito, cheese wedge, hot dog, popcorn, taco, turkey, and unicorn face.

Faces, hands, and zodiac emojis: Upside-down face, face with rolling eyes, zipper-mouth face, money-mouth face, face with thermometer, nerd face, thinking face, face with head bandage, robot face, hugging face, signs of the horns, amphora, crab, bow and arrow, lion face, and scorpion.

Sports emojis: Badminton racket, cricket bat and ball, field hockey stick and ball, ice hockey stick and puck, table tennis paddle and ball, and volleyball.

Religious/spiritual emojis: Prayer beads, Kaaba, mosque, synagogue, menorah with nine branches, and place of worship.