Over at Oyster, they got a look at the clothing line designed and made in San Pedro prison in Lurigancho, Peru. The line started as a project for Thomas Jacob, who worked in luxury French fashion before he visited what is regarded as one of the world's most dangerous prisons and decided to leave it all behind to begin Project Pietá, which utilizes all-natural materials, like pima cotton and alpaca, and, most importantly, inmate labor. Learning the skills to produce clothing, from design to production, helps the inmates make money and learn a marketable skill. The project has now swelled to three prisons in Peru and the line is fairly extensive, ranging from tees to sweaters to hats to sneakers. It's even distributed at two stores in the U.S.: BASE in Miami and Please Do Not Enter in Los Angeles. Pietá looks pretty good and reminds me of popular, solid streetwear today that's not completely overpriced. If you want to support the cause, you can pick it all up online on the Project Pietá website.