How many of you had those NERF mini basketball hoop sets when you were a kid? Actually, I feel like I should be asking how many of you didn't have one. Those things were seriously the goddamn illest shit in the world. I played on mine for at least an hour a day when I got home from school to avoid starting on my homework. I almost broke the pantry door in my kitchen so many times. Eventually, as I'm sure all of you did, I broke the hoop itself when I threw down a particularly lit double bank alley-oop off the fridge, shattering the plastic rim's entire life.

Fortunately for us, we are grown ass men now who can afford to purchase a luxe as fuck replacement from KILLSPENCER for just $795 if you don't want the 24K gold version, which comes in at $995. The set features a murdered out hoop/backboard and leather size 3 basketball. I don't know how much a high-end leather basketball would actually bounce though, to be honest, but I guess it doesn't really matter since we'll all just be wild traveling. Post this up somewhere and force your girlfriend watch as the reality of your sporting prowess is totally, 100% accurately portrayed.