Hypebeast enlisted the talents of The Madbury Club to create the perfect parody of every single sneaker design process video you've ever watched. Using a puppet named Benjamin Troll (who only wants Yeezys, visvim, "Hood By Troll," "Been Troll," and has the supreme distinction of being the originator of the term "trill," obviously), the video walks through the the creation of a sneaker from start to finish, starting with the mind of a designer who constantly drops terms like "classic silhouette" and "functional" as he drafts up sketches before settling on the final design. Then, they meet with the cobbler to transform the sketch into a last for your working prototype. Finally, it's off to China, where they walk through the actual production process before getting hands on with the final product.

This is a really, really strong job by geniuses over at The Madbury Club, especially when you consider the fact that every video about the design process is exactly the fucking same. The designer sits in front of the camera and repeats buzzwords like "silhouette," "form" and "function," until they somehow mean even less than they already did in the first place because, of course, you can't have a professional on record going, "Um, like, I made this shit because I thought it was cool," even if that is undoubtedly the case.