Are you like me? Have you not washed your sheets and pillow cases in a solid six months? Are you in dire need of a new set? Do you know what the fuck a "duvet" actually is? Are you also a fuccboi with an EGREGIOUS amount of disposable income? Well, in collaboration with photographer Kevin Amato, Hood By Air has teamed up with Off-White to release this v #RVRE and #EXCLVSIVE $850 duvet and pillow set. Maybe we were behind on the initial news, but you can see what this shit looks like on an actual bed over on Amato's Instagram. I mean, you gotta peep how the bed is styled before you actually cop, amirite?

See, you could just buy clothes from the brands you love and flaunt your loyalty to the movement in public as many a fuccboi are wont to do. OR, you could keep your private life private and relegate your HBA and Off-White stannery to the privacy of your own home. Considering your probably spent all of the money you were supposed to pay the heating bill with on a duvet set, you very may well want to feel the warm embrace of Shayne Oliver and Virgil Abloh around you as you doze off into a deep slumber since you'll never get that close to them (read: anyone) in real life. This totally isn't anything like the superhero sheets you had as a child. This is strictly for adults.